Artists Bio and Statement



Growing up with a strong, business minded mother and father, Chelsea Dyck has been empowered to follow her dreams in becoming a business woman, artist/entrepreneur. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Chelsea decided to follow her dreams to become a jeweler, at the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) while developing an interest in textiles.

Chelsea’s jewellery pieces, made from niobium and sterling silver have been displayed in the ACAD Vortex space as well as in the 925 A Sterling Anniversary for Alumni and Students at ACAD. She has also received Juror’s Choice recognition in the International Foldforming Competition in 2015 and 2016 for two of her large fold-formed niobium necklaces.

Her acquisition of the ACAD Bachelor of Fine Arts degree has provided the skills necessarily to create unique pieces that apply to her growing company, My Creative Works Inc. which has now expanded to include her brand: Nebula Jewellery and Textiles. Concerned with adorning and accentuating the strong, feminine (and sometimes male) form with accessories, Chelsea has been developing limited edition products from metal and textile techniques specific to the customer’s preference.

Artist Statement


“In the development of my practice, I work to combine my passion for learning new methods and producing unique metal and fiber pieces that coincide with the concepts assigned to them whether by myself or clients ideas. My metal objects are made largely of sterling silver and niobium together to draw on the theme of colour that is often an indicator of meaning in the object. My fiber works are made of natural materials that can be hand dyed the colours of choice to exhibit a lovely aesthetic and pattern. Themes that I work with in my pieces relate to the beauty of nature, the meaning of flowers, references to memories, and sometimes space, all of which include the use of colour. I aim to challenge myself with respect to execution of various projects using new techniques or problem solving to overcome obstacles during the creation process. One of the best ways I try to achieve these challenges is to work with clients that wish to have unique one of a kind pieces made to their specifications. I am passionate about making jewellery and fiber works that are wearable and sculptural and plan to increase my understanding and experimentation with both ideas as my practice grows.”

-Chelsea Dyck

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