Custom Jeweller and Textile Artist

Nebula Jewellery and Textiles provides a completely custom handmade jewellery and woven textile experience to make what you want to your specifications. The custom jewellery pieces can be handcrafted using such metals as sterling silver, gold, niobium or titanium with a wide range of precious and semi-precious gem stone options available like diamonds, tourmaline, sapphires, rubies, turquoise, peridot, topaz, amethyst, citrine and many more. The niobium and titanium can be hand anodized to the customer’s colour(s) of choice and also act as a hypoallergenic, nickle-free, option for those that have metal allergies. The textiles range from woven to knit goods using any assortment of colours that can be chosen from pre-dyed yarns to hand-dyed yarn specific to the customer’s preference. Woven materials encompass blankets, pillows, scarves or raw material to sew into something else like bags. The knit goods include hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters and more depending on the customer’s needs. Each of these products are designs and manufactured by the staff at My Creative Works Inc. with the individual care and attention required to achieve a unique, one-of-a-kind piece as specified by the customer.

When you begin your journey of ordering your custom order there are a series of steps that must be completed to create the piece of your choice. There will be questions that target the key information necessary to develop a design and price of your chosen piece including, but not limited to, type of object (i.e. scarf, necklace etc.), material choice, colour (where applicable), size, and deadline date. You will receive a rough sketch of the idea(s) with a price estimation for the project. The remaining process will include updates of your order as well as inquiries into design changes if there are any. The final piece will be packaged accordingly and presented to you in the most appropriate manner (i.e. in person, mail, etc.) along with a unique description of the piece accompanied by special care instructions.